AL Girard is the John Justin Committeeman of the Year for PRCA 2020

AL Girard, 50-year-old, has received name recognition as the John Justin Committeeman of the year. He works at the San Bernardino County as the executive director of rodeo operations and the cowboy liaison.

AL Girard named John Justin Committeeman of the Year

He was so much delighted for this honor. He went on to say that the title means the world to him and a tremendous honor for his rodeo commutes and the entire Southern California fraternity. He talked of how hard they work together with all the different rodeo committees in California, and this acknowledgment was very much appreciated.

“It’s extremely humbling,” said AL Girard, It’s a tremendous honor to me and not just for me but for my rodeo committee and for the rodeo committees in Southern California. I have so many friends at all the different rodeo committees in California, and we all work so hard. So, just to get any kind of acknowledgement is always appreciated.”

Girard is a lieutenant in San Bernardino County with the Sheriff’s department. He is in charge of administration with the executive board. He has another role as the committee representative for the California Circuit, where he handles the insurance, the equipment, and the grandstands.

In 2005, he started working in the Sheriff’s PRCA Pro Rodeo Committee, and he would later get voted in the rodeo committee’s executive board five years later in 2010.

Girard expressed how he has been a rodeo fan and attended every NFR event since 1994. So, when he learned of a chance to join the Sheriff’s PRCA Pro Rodeo for San Bernardino County, he jumped straight in, and now he is on the executive board.

He talks of how rodeo is in his heart, next to his family, which is not changing anytime soon. His family comprises his wife, Brenna, and 15-year-old daughter, Katelyn.

Note that John Justin honor was created by Justin Boots to recognize the hours of work done by volunteer rodeo committee members. Justin Boots selects 125 outstanding volunteers all over the country, and the PRCA rodeos vote for the individual who will receive the John Justin recognition.  AL Girard received many votes to become the John Justin Committeeman of the Year.

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