Stetson Wright Wins All-Round Gold Buckle For The Second Time In A Row

Stetson Wright Wins All-Round Gold Buckle

As the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo nears to the end with the best contestants in the world of rodeo gears up for the final round amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Wright won the all-around gold buckle.

Stetson Wright has outdone himself by winning the 2020 All-Around World Champion for the second time in a row, and interestingly, in his first two seasons.

With a go-round to spare, Wright wrote his name in the book of champions in the PRCA all-around championship; he again ended the championship race ahead of Tuf Cooper and the reigning two-time champion header Clay Smith.

Wright is untouchable in the 2020 all-around PRCA | RAM World Standing with a whipping $305,360 behind him is Tuf Cooper at $179,412 while at third place is Clay Smith with $159,699, and neither can dethrone him.

In 1998, Ty Murray became the first cowboy to win the All-Around and bull riding titles in the same year, and the same could happen at the 2020 National Finals Rodeo with Wright after winning the all-around gold buckle. Now he is eyeing the Roughstock World Championship.

In bull riding, Wrights has won round 1, 2, 7 and 9, and in saddle bronc riding won round 7.

Already, Wright is the youngest cowboy at 21-years old to be crowned All-Around World Championship in his 1st two seasons.

In 2001, Wright became the first cowboy to win 2 roughstock events one night at the finals though Jesse Bail won the bull riding title.

The cowboy from Milford, Utah, Wright emerged victorious while riding on Beutler & Son Rodeo’s Smoke Stack with a 92-point ride in the bull riding at the WNFR at Globe Life Field, which enabled him to clinch the title and to add another $26,231 to his haul.

Wright expressed humbleness following his win, stating that he expected it to happen though he kept quiet about it as he worked so hard all year despite the COVID-19 pandemic making it more challenging.

Also, he couldn’t hide the joy in his eyes, especially after winning the title for the second time in a row, saying, “To get it this year means a lot, and winning it again makes me feel good because everybody might say that the first one was off pure luck, but now how many times can you be so lucky.”

Wright continues to set records and matching up with names of great cowboys of our generations, such as Trevor Brazile and Jesse Bail. Now, he is in the ranks of Trevor Brazile in winning back-to-back all-around gold buckle. Also, with Jess Bail in qualifying for multiple Wrangler National Finals Rodeo roughstock events.

Wright is eyeing to win his first career bull riding world championship though the competition for the title is stiff as he trails second behind by a mere $82 from leader Ty Wallace.

In the world standings, Wright is second with $204,479 and an average with 450 points on five head, while Wallace is 3rd with 444.5 points.

Trevor Brazile Clinches 8th Career Steer Roping Gold Buckle

Trevor Brazile became eight-time steer roping world champion

Truly, a living legend Trevor Brazile continues to portray undeniable professionalism every single time, he competes offering a thrilling feeling to his fans and spectators, and Saturday night was no different when in a spectacular fashion he became an 8th-time steeler roping world champion.  

The $7 million legendary cowboys clocked a 12.4 sec time in Round 10 as he needed to rope a steer and it was enough for him to clinch the world title, making it his 26th career gold buckle.

The 2020 Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping which was held at the Kansas Star Arena ended well for Brazile as he earned $69,072 enabling him to finish with $117,459 in the PRCA | RAM World Standings edging runner-up Scott Snedecor’s $110,779.

At the moment, Brazile steers roping gold buckle winnings tally at 8 titles from 2006-07, 2011, 2013-15, 2019 and now 2020. He is second on the all-time list behind ProRodeo Hall of Famer Guy Allen who has 18 steer roping gold buckles.

The Decatur, Texas, cowboy expressed gratitude for his winnings by thanking the Lord for the blessings. However, he stated that one must be willing to do the work in capitalizing on the opportunities offered to them or somebody else becomes the world champion.

The race for the title was slim for Brazile going into round 10 as he was sitting 2nd in the average, 1.2 sec behind Snedecor though Brazile lead in the world standings over him with $1965.

It seemed the title was heading towards Scott Snedecor, a 4-time world champion (2005,2008 and 2017-18). Still, after falling to register any time in the final round, Brazile chances widen up, and he utilizes it perfectly.

Steer Roper John Bland, a 5-time NFSR winner (2012, 2014-15, 2019-20) loaned Brazile his horse Salty, 19 and together they brought magic at the 2020 Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping at the Kansas Star Arena.

In the Round 10, Brazile recorded a 12.4 second time which enabled him to emerge victories ahead of Snedecor by gaining the average win as he was the only one to tie down 10.

Surely, 2020 has been tremendously hard for many Rodeos due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing many events to be canceled in response to mitigate the spread of the virus, which many people have succumbed to with the infections rate sky rocking.

Saddle Bronc Rider Cort Scheer is back in competing

saddle bronc rider Cort Scheer at WNFR 2018

As many complain about the new norm following the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, which caused havoc in the world of professional sport, including the suspension of the PRCA competition. For some, like Cort Scheer, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it gave him time to recuperate.

After he got injured in his left knee while competing at the Powder River Rodeo and being diagnosed with a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The veteran opted to relax his knee while exercising a little after much consultations from his doctor, who saw no need for surgery.

He went ahead to wear a knee brace for the following three months, and in the fourth month he began therapy getting laid-off the brace before he knew it, he was riding again. Therapy and horse riding turned out to be very helpful for his body in his recovery.

Scheer was quick to remember the ordeal he went through that fateful day by saying, “The horse kind of reared around the post there and kind of rubbed me off on the post, and I tore my knee up a little bit, and that injury was just a fluke deal. That’s an awesome horse who has been to the NFR a bunch of times. I dang sure would be excited to draw her again,”.

But he was grateful to put all that behind him when he went to compete at the Woodward (Okla.) on June 10 coming from injury and gained a 77-point ride. You could tell of the joy written all over his face for being back doing what he loves the most and passionate about by looking at him.

Evidently, “I feel great,” Scheer said. “I have been running around and I have been chomping at the bit the last month wanting to roll. I was skeptical to see how I would do, but it took me longer to wipe the mold off my chaps than it did to feel good about riding broncs again, so I was happy.”

Last year, in the PRCA | RAM World Standings, Scheer stood at number 19 with $72813. But after having more time in his hands, it got him re-thinking and strategizing, and we can’t wait to see how this year ends for Scheer. After promising to give his best in the NFR.

Saddle Bronc rider Brody Cress sits second in PRCA Standings

Saddle bronc rider Brody Cress at Las Vegas NFR

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, which had the PRCA competition suspended to curb the spread in March and resumed again in Mid-May with measurements laid down by the government to be followed in response to control the spread of coronavirus by staying at home, sanitize and keep the distance. Now all the ProRodeo athletes are gunning up to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo in December.

Cowboys and Cowgirls have a chance to improve themselves while competing for big money at the Cowboy Christmas. This week follows rodeos scheduled (June 29-July five at the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott, Arizona, and July 1-4 at the Cody Stampede) by the PRCA to take place across the United States. And have themselves move up in the PRCA World Standings.

Last year and in 2017, saddle bronc rider Brody Cress from Hilldale won the NFR average title, at the moment he is second with almost $56000 in the World Standings. Behind the leading Cowboy of Pampa, Texas, Wyatt Casper with more than $124000.

At 16th place in the World Standings is Kaycee rider Cole Reiner with nearly $21000 despite rodeoing at Sheridan College and Caper College and trailing behind Paden Hurst of Huntsville, Texas who is at 15th place by less than $400.

In Las Vegas, 15 Cowboys and Cowgirls will qualify in Barrel racing for the NFR season-ending.

At the moment, the leaders in the World Standings are as follows:

  • Bull rider Sage Kimzey
  • Bareback bronc rider Tim O’Connell
  • Steer wrestler Matt Reeves 
  • Tie-down roper Shad Mayfield
  • Team ropers Luke Brown and Joseph Harrison 
  • Barrel racer Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi.

Be sure not to miss on the action as we continue comprehending what seems to be the new norm by staying home, sanitizing, and keeping a distance.

Kolby Wanchuk is excited to do Rodeo again

As we all have experienced the new norm since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted activities throughout the entire World, including professional sport. The 2020 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Associations season was not exceptional, and in mid-March, ProRodeos were suspended indefinitely.

Kolby Wanchuk is excited to be back rodeoing

After much considerations by the PRCA, the ProRodeos resumed in the third week of May. It created an opportunity for the Cowboys and Cowgirls to Rodeo again to follow new measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Many of them expressed optimism and joy back at rodeoing, especially for saddle bronc rider Kolby Wanchuk. He won the Coleman PRCA ProRodeo in Texas and at the Dakota Rodeo Richie High with an 89-point ride. And in New Town Rodeo days, he settled by splitting second.

He is eyeing for the Crossett Riding Club 72nd Annual PRCA Rodeo trophy as he is leading with an 82.5-point at Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Empty Pockets. But on June 27, we will know who wins as the Rodeo conclude.

The 23-year-old Cowboy from Sherwood Park, Alberta, is thrilled to be back rodeoing. He highlighted having much fun while drawing good. Especially after the PRCA suspended it, Wanchuk kept busy and visited a friend in Northern British Columbia in May for a couple of weeks. The friend’s family were outfitters, and in the morning, he and his friend would skin logs to build a fence and look after the horses in the mountains for the rest of the day.

Following the June 22 PRCA | RAM World Standings, he moved up to 17 positions with $19444. And 2020 is going to be an extraordinary year for Wanchuk because he intends to do a lot of Rodeos, including those he has never participated in.

This month turns to be a busy one for Wanchuk, with a tight schedule starting July 2, at the Black Hills Roundup in Belle Fourche, July 3 at the Cody Stampede, July 4 at Mandan Rodeo Days and July 5 at Bigfork, Mont.

Last year, Wanchuk finished 21 in the World Standing with $68036 missing out on the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo debut. He was quick to express his much gratitude to be back to full-time rodeoing. He said that his goal was to qualify for NFR and not worry about riding the horse and maintaining consistency in his performance. We all cannot deny the fact, he is talented, and years ahead will prove that.

The unusual accomplishments of Cowboy Trevor Brazile

A lot of names have been used to describe the renowned Cowboy from Decatur, Texas but the one that suits Trevor Brazile very well is “King of the Cowboys.”

Trevor Brazile has 25 titles in the PRCA World Championships tie-down roper, team roper and steers roper. He has dominated the 21st century the Rodeos by setting records in 2006 single-season earnings with more than $329000, breaking that record multiple times in 2010 winning $507920.

The unusual accomplishments of Trevor Brazile

Brazile qualified in four events in NFR in 2003, making him the first Cowboy to do so. Not forgetting titles:

  • All-round in 2003-2004 and 2006-2015
  • Tie-down roping in 2007-2009 and 2010
  • Team roping in 2010
  • Steer roping in 2006-07, 2011, and 2013-15

In 2017, he won the all-round, steer-roping, and tie-down roping which enabled him to become the first 21st-century winner of the rodeo triple crown.

He is admired by the young Cowboy Jordan Lovins from Canada who happened to be the winner of the average title alongside Chase McGuire in the open division. They clinched the title in a 5-run time of 43.47 seconds.

Both of them pocketed $10300 and then while partnering with Sandstrom whom they settled for the second place with a run of 45.67 seconds, he earned $5600 gaining total earnings of $15900.

All of this took place at the Bob Feist Invitational near Oklahoma City, considering to be it was his first time being there and competing.

He was thrilled to win both first and second and went ahead to express his gratitude saying the wins were his most highlighted in his life.

But before the competition took place, earlier on Lovins, 17-years-old, hauled his steers at a friend’s home and his local fairgrounds in preparation for Wrangler BFI at the 3rd annual Hooey Junior BFI.

At the age of 5 is when he began honing his skills in team roping by competing and by 9, he started roping steers. Because his parents hauled them in competing with other kids of their age and made it easier by building an arena and there were horses, and along the years he came across people who turned out to help mold his young career.

Jordan Lovins also admires Joseph Harrison, the 3-time National Finals qualifier. Without a doubt, Lovins is the next generation of winners in PRCA and be sure to remember that name and stay safe during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Solid Season for the Steer Wrestler Tanner Brunner

Two years in a row, Tanner Brunner has had a solid season enabling him to qualify twice in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Tanner grew up in a ranching and rodeo family. His father, Tracy, was a steer wrestler, his mother, Yvonne, competed in barrel racing as well as his older sister Cat. However, after finishing 15th place, consecutively in a row has left him yearning for more and hungry to win.

Solid Season for the Steer Wrestler Tanner Brunner

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rodeos were stopped in mid-March and restarted the third week of May.

He was quick to acknowledge that apart from being a big stage, one gets to learn something new every time you are there, and he hoped to surely use every bit of knowledge he has gained along the way when he gets in the arena.

Brunner has kept his word by moving his way up to number 8, gaining $26235 at the PRCA. On June 13, in Woodward (Okla.), he had to split the wins with Elks Rodeo and at Coleman. This saw him elevate five spots in PRCA standings.

Brunner could not hide his joy after that performance and felt proud of himself wishing he would attend the rodeos every single day when in a high spirit. Highlighting on some good steers and rode miss Kitty, 13, both at the Coleman and Woodward.

He had a 3.8-second run in Woodward and earned $3266 by tying with Trell Etbauer. 3.7 seconds was his stoppage on the clock in Coleman and made $1925 after splitting the victory with Gabe Soileau.

After the postponement of Rodeos due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brunner kept busy with his family while working at a farm and his uncle’s cow-calf operation premises in Ramona, Kan.  

“I practiced a little bit, took some time off, and let my horses take some time off. When things looked like they were going to get going back, I started practicing and getting my horses back in shape, but I enjoyed my time at home for sure.” Said Brunner.

Brunner is eying the World’s Oldest Rodeo, which is to take place on June 29 at Prescott, Ariz. After that, he will compete at the Independent Day Rodeo in Oakley (Utah) on June 30 and on July 1 at the Stampede, Cody (Wyo.).

Surely the fans will have something to smile about when Brunner does what he does best in the arena.

Top 15 Qualifiers For The National Finals Rodeo 2019

NFR (National Finals Rodeo) fans will be highly appreciated to learn the top 15 qualify for the NFR 2019 in accordance with the PRCA and WPRA‘s standings which are updated as of October 1st, 2019. The Las Vegas NFR 2019 will be held at the Thomas & Mack Arena from December 5–14, 2019.

Congratulations to all the cowboys and cowgirls who have finished the season in the top 15 of the PRCA and WPRA’s standings in seven main events: steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, bareback riding, barrel racing, and bull riding.

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Barrel Racing

Congrats! to the ladies who have completed the season in the top 15 of the WPRA Barrel Racing standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowgirls list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Barrel Racing (notwithstanding if WPRA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Barrel Racing qualifiers

1. Hailey Kinsel – Cotulla, TX ($192,834)

2. Nellie Miller – Cottonwood, CA ($146,826)

3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi – Victoria, TX ($137,267)

4. Lisa Lockhart – Oelrichs, SD ($123,515)

5. Stevi Hillman – Weatherford, TX ($110,232)

6. Taci Bettis – Round Top, TX ($103,692)

7. Kylie Weast – Comanche, OK ($101,715)

8. Jessica Routier – Buffalo, SD ($98,704)

9. Ivy Conrado – Hudson, CO ($98,385)

10. Tammy Fischer – Ledbetter, TX ($91,277)

11. Kelly Bruner – Millsap, TX ($90,515)

12. Tracy Nowlin – Nowata, OK ($90,496)

13. Amberleigh Moore – Salem, OR ($89,127)

14. Carman Pozzobon – Aldergrove, BC ($86,947)

15. Jessica Telford – Caldwell, ID ($86,933)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Bareback Riding

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Bareback standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Bareback Riding (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

1. Tim O’Connell – Zwingle, IA ($187,250)

2. Caleb Bennett – Tremonton, UT ($172,428)

3. Clayton Biglow – Clements, CA ($135,166)

4. Orin Larsen – Inglis, MB ($130,655)

5. Bill Tutor – Huntsville, TX ($119,835)

6. Richmond Champion – The Woodlands, TX ($119,819)

7. Kaycee Feild – Spanish Fork, UT ($111,022)

8. Steven Dent – Mullen, NE ($109,420)

9. Jake Brown – Cleveland, TX ($101,403)

10. Mason Clements – Springville, UT ($99,536)

11. Tilden Hooper – Carthage, TX ($95,192)

12. Ty Breuer – Mandan, ND ($91,558)

13. Shane O’Connell – Rapid City, SD ($80,163)

14. J.R. Vezain – Cowley, WY ($78,376)

15. Wyatt Denny – Minden, NV ($77,497)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Steer Wrestling

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Steer Wrestling standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Steer Wrestling (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Steer Wrestling qualifiers

1. Curtis Cassidy – Donalda, AB ($106,009)

2. Tyler Pearson – Louisville, MS ($97,625)

3. Scott Guenthner – Provost, AB ($92,323)

4. Ty Erickson – Helena, MT ($89,662)

5. Will Lummus – West Point, MS ($86,958)

6. Tanner Brunner – Ramona, KS ($84,527)

7. Hunter Cure – Holliday, TX ($83,711)

8. Bridger Chambers – Stevensville, MT ($81,178)

9. Jacob Talley – keatchie, LA ($80,717)

10. Tyler Waguespack – Gonzales, LA ($79,583)

11. Blake Mindemann – Blanchard, OK ($78,092)

12. Riley Duvall – Checotah, OK ($77,643)

13. Blake Knowles – Heppner, OR ($75,458)

14. Kyle Irwin – Robertsdale, AL ($75,333)

15. Nick Guy – Sparta, WI ($74,706)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Team Roping (Headers)

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Team Roping (Headers) standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Team Roping (Headers) (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Team Roping Headers qualifiers

1. Clay Smith – Broken Bow, OK ($115,345)

2. Kaleb Driggers – Hoboken, GA ($114,952)

3. Dustin Egusquiza – Mariana, FL ($106,396)

4. Clay Tryan – Billings, MT ($96,990)

5. Cody Snow – Los Olivos, CA ($91,863)

6. Bubba Buckaloo – Kingston, OK ($88,868)

7. Chad Masters – Cedar Hill, TN ($85,342)

8. Derrick Begay – Seba Dalkai, AZ ($84,837)

9. Aaron Tsinigine – Tuba City, AZ ($84,044)

10. Luke Brown – Rock hill, SC ($83,102)

11. Riley Minor – Ellensburg, WA ($81,554)

12. Tyler Wade – Terrell, TX ($73,145)

13. Erich Rogers – Round Rock, AZ ($68,354)

14. Lane Ivy – Dublin, TX ($67,458)

15. Rhen Richard – Roosevelt, UT ($65,232)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Team Roping (Heelers)

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Team Roping (Heelers) standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Team Roping (Heelers) (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Team Roping Heelers qualifiers

1. Junior Nogueira – Burleson, TX ($115,936)

2. Paul Eaves – lonedell, MO ($115,345)

3. Kory Koontz – Stephenville, TX ($106,396)

4. Joseph Harrison – Overbrook, OK ($104,515)

5. Trey Yates – Pueblo, CO ($98,439)

6. Travis Graves – Jay, OK ($93,133)

7. Cory Petska – Marana, AZ ($91,294)

8. Wesley Thorp – Throckmorton, TX ($88,173)

9. Jake Long – Coffeyville, KS ($83,102)

10. Brady Minor – Ellensburg, WA ($80,361)

11. Clint Summers – Lake City, FL ($79,467)

12. Chase Tryan – Helena, MT ($68,284)

13. Cole Davison – Stephenville, TX ($66,252)

14. Buddy Hawkins II – Columbus, KS ($64,451)

15. Quinn Kesler – Holden, UT ($61,349)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Saddle Bronc Riding

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Saddle Bronc Riding standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Saddle Bronc Riding (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Saddle Bronc Riding qualifiers

1. Jacobs Crawley – Boerne, TX ($168,101)

2. Ryder Wright – Beaver, UT ($165,078)

3. Isaac Diaz – Desdemona, TX ($124,740)

4. Rusty Wright – Milford, UT ($123,607)

5. Zeke Thurston – Big Valley, AB ($112,637)

6. Brody Cress – Hillsdale, WY ($111,588)

7. Clay Elliott – Nanton, AB ($104,176)

8. Wade Sundell – Boxholm, IA ($103,309)

9. Cort Scheer – Elsmere, NE ($101,843)

10. Sterling Crawley – Stephenville, TX ($98,748)

11. CoBurn Bradshaw – Beaver, UT ($89,325)

12. Jake Wright – Milford, UT ($81,903)

13. Joey Sonnier – New Iberia, LA ($79,114)

14. Taos Muncy – Corona, NM ($78,790)

15. Chase Brooks – Deer Lodge, MT ($76,141)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Tie-Down Roping

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Tie-Down Roping standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Tie-Down Roping (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Tie-Down Roping qualifiers

1. Shane Hanchey – Sulphur, LA ($136,577)

2. Tuf Cooper – Decatur TX, ($134,768)

3. Tyson Durfey – Brock TX, ($126,518)

4. Jake Pratt – Ellensburg, WA ($94,294)

5. Ryle Smith – Oakdale, CA ($93,768)

6. Trevor Brazile – Decatur, TX ($92,772)

7. Cooper Martin – Alma, KS ($91,938)

8. Caleb Smidt – Bellville, TX ($89,971)

9. Cory Solomon – Prairie View, TX ($86,675)

10. Marty Yates – Stephenville, TX ($86,483)

11. Reese Riemer – Stinnett, TX ($85,428)

12. Matt Shiozawa – Chubbuck, ID ($84,153)

13. Rhen Richard – Roosevelt, UT ($83,373)

14. Sterling Smith – Stephenville, TX ($79,083)

15. Ryan Jarrett – Comanche, OK ($77,552)

National Finals Rodeo Qualifiers – Bull Riding

Congrats! to the cowboys who have completed the season in the top 15 of the PRCA Bull Riding standings 2019. Here are the top 15 cowboys list who are headed to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo Bull Riding (notwithstanding if PRCA has updated the standings we will correct them):

NFR Bull Riding qualifiers

1. Sage Kimzey – Strong City, OK ($297,026)

2. Parker Breding – Edgar, MT ($185,476)

3. Dustin Boquet – Bourg, LA ($114,588)

4. Roscoe Jarboe – New Plymouth, ID ($109,737)

5. Chase Dougherty – Canby, OR ($109,349)

6. Jeff Askey – Athens, TX ($107,387)

7. Boudreaux Campbell – Crockett, TX ($106,431)

8. Garrett Tribble – Bristow, OK ($102,226)

9. Tyler Bingham – Honeyville, UT ($101,583)

10. Trey Benton III – Rock Island, TX ($100,932)

11. Cole Melancon – Liberty, TX ($99,973)

12. Koby Radley – Montpelier, LA ($97,258)

13. Joe Frost – Randlett, UT ($96,163)

14. Eli Vastbinder – Union Grove, NC ($95,114)

15. Trevor Kastner – Roff, OK ($94,396)

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Tuf Cooper Keeps on Adding to the PRCA Record Books

Tuf Cooper

Tuf Cooper, the Texas cowboy, added another record to his name in the lead up to the 2019 National Finals Rodeo. Cooper added the PRCA steer roping record for the most money earned in a season before the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping to his resume. Cooper’s earnings of $89,427 managed to overtake the previous record holder, Guy Allen who won $87,927 20 years ago in 1998.

Cooper is still new to the steer roping event, 2017 was the first year that he took part in steer roping. Copper competed in the steer roping event at 30 rodeos in 2019. His limited participation makes his new record all that much more impressive. Cooper is very excited about accomplishing this feat, his money record proves that the sport and the event are in a good place.

Cooper might be new to steer roping, but he is a veteran cowboy with four world championship titles to his name, it doesn’t come as a shock at all that Cooper is excelling at steer roping.

Cooper is enjoying his time as a steer roper, he frequently speaks about his fellow competitors, about the respect he has for them, and about how helpful they have been with his roping since he took up the event last year.

It is no surprise that Cooper is excelling at steer roping. Not only is Cooper a world champion cowboy, but he is also able to learn from his brother-in-law, Trevor Brazile, a 23-time world champion cowboy. Brazile has had a huge influence on Cooper’s steer roping success, and all the practice hours that the two of them are putting in is showing.

Cooper recently purchased a new horse and he is very excited about riding it in competition for the first time at the National Finals of Steer Roping in Kansas at the beginning of November. The National finals will serve as great preparation for Cooper as he prepares for his quest to become overall world champion at the 2019 NFR.

Ironically Cooper and his brother-in-law, Brazile, are number 1 and 2 in the overall standings. Steer roping isn’t contested at the NFR, but tie-down roping is, and this event is set to be the decision maker about who the overall Cowboy world champion of 2019 will be. The stage is set for an action-packed conclusion to the 2019 season at the NFR. Cooper was wearing number 1 back number last year.

Cooper is a record-breaking cowboy, but he maintains a humble outlook. Get the popcorn ready because the competition at the 2019 NFR is going to be fierce and highly entertaining.

Tuf Cooper will Wear No. 1 Back Number at National Finals Rodeo 2017

Tuf Cooper No 1 back number

Three-time world champion Tuf Cooper of Weatherford, TX will wear the number 1 back number at the National Finals Rodeo 2017. He’ll enter the year ended Las Vegas NFR 2017.

The 27-year-old is ranked No. 1 in the PRCA’s 2017 world all-around title race with $214,131. Tuf has qualified nine times for the WNFR in 2008-2017 and this is the first time he will wear No. 1 back number in both world all-around and tie-down roping title races. In the meantime, Trevor Brazile, 40, wore the No. 1 back number.


Moreover, Cooper was a world title contender only in tie-down roping when he earned his first eight NFR berths. Tuf earned Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s tie-down roping world titles in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Cooper’s fans will be happy to learn that he has become a world-class steer roper as well as the world-class tie-down roper, which bring him a world all-around title contender. Next, he will be seen at the Steer Roping finals in Mulvane, KS, November 10th-11th. Then the NFR 2017 in Vegas.

Three-time WNFR qualifier, Tim O’Connell of Zwingle, Iowa, will wear the No. 2 back number. He grabs the number one position in the 2017 bareback riding world title race and his total earning is $201,916 in the regular season.

23-time PRCA world champion, Trevor Brazile will wear the No. 3 back number at the Las Vegas-based NFR 2017.

Saddle bronc rider Jacobs Crawley, barrel racer Tiany Schuster and bull rider Sage Kimzey will wear consecutively No. 4, 5, 6 back number.

According to, no competitor at the 2017 WNFR will wear the number 58.

“In coordination with Las Vegas Events,” PRCA Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Enget said, “we have decided not to issue the number 58 as a way to pay our respects to the victims of this tragedy.”

2017 Nationals Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER has finally released the NFR back numbers. The 2017 Wrangler NFR back numbers are as follows:

  1. Tuf Cooper (Weatherford, Texas)
  2. Tim O’Connell (Zwingle, Iowa)
  3. Trevor Brazile (Decatur, Texas)
  4. Jacobs Crawley (Boerne, Texas)
  5. Tiany Schuster (Krum, Texas)
  6. Sage Kimzey (Strong City, Oklahoma)
  7. Zeke Thurston (Big Valley, Alberta)
  8. Ty Erickson (Helena, Montana)
  9. Caleb Smidt (Bellville, Texas)
  10. Garrett Smith (Rexburg, Idaho)
  11. Stevi Hillman (Weatherford, Texas)
  12. Junior Nogueira (Burleson, Texas)
  13. Ryle Smith (Oakdale, California)
  14. Kaleb Driggers (Albany, Georgia)
  15. Erich Rogers (Round Rock, Arizona)
  16. Tanner Aus (Granite Falls, Minnesota)
  17. Cory Petska (Marana, Arizona)
  18. Russell Cardoza (Terrebonne, Oregon)
  19. Clayton Biglow (Clements, California)
  20. Shane Hanchey (Sulphur, La.)
  21. CoBurn Bradshaw (Beaver, Utah)
  22. Luke Brown (Stephenville, Texas)
  23. Paul Eaves (Lonedell, Mo.)
  24. Marcos Costa (Childress, Texas)
  25. Clay Smith (Broken Bow, Oklahoma)
  26. Billie Jack Saebens (Nowata, Oklahoma)
  27. Cody DeMoss (Heflin, Louisiana)
  28. Jake Long (Coffeyville, Kansas)
  29. Tyler Pearson (Louisville, Mississippi)
  30. Olin Hannum (Malad, Idaho)
  31. Dakota Eldridge (Elko, Nevada)
  32. J.R. Vezain (Cowley, Wyoming)
  33. Wyatt Denny (Minden, Nevada)
  34. Tyson Durfey (Savannah, Mo.)
  35. Caleb Bennett (Tremonton, Utah)
  36. Brody Cress (Hillsdale, Wyoming)
  37. Tyler Waguespack (Gonzales, Louisiana)
  38. Coleman Proctor (Pryor, Oklahoma)
  39. Jake Brown (Hillsboro, Texas)
  40. Hardy Braden (Welch, Oklahoma)
  41. Amberleigh Moore (Salem, Oregon)
  42. Jake Vold (Ponoka, Alberta)
  43. Marty Yates (Stephenville, Texas)
  44. Richmond Champion (The Woodlands, Texas)
  45. Joe Frost (Randlett, Utah)
  46. Layton Green (Meeting creek, Alberta)
  47. Travis Graves (Jay, Oklahoma)
  48. Scott Guenthner (Provost, Alberta)
  49. Baylor Roche (Tremonton, Utah)
  50. Orin Larsen (Inglis, Manitoba)
  51. Sterling Crawley (Stephenville, Texas)
  52. Brady Minor (Ellensburg, Washington)
  53. Riley Minor (Ellensburg, Washington)
  54. Taci Bettis (Round Top, Texas)
  55. Ryder Wright (Milford, Utah)
  56. Cody Snow (Los Olivos, California)
  57. Ryan Jarrett (Comanche, Oklahoma)
  1. Bill Tutor
  2. Ty Wallace (Collbran, Colorado)
  3. Matt Shiozawa (Chubbock, Idaho)
  4. Hailey Kinsel (Cotulla, Texas)
  5. Steven Dent (Mullen, Nebraska)
  6. Chad Masters (Cedar Hill, Tennessee)
  7. Trey Benton III (Rock Island, Texas)
  8. Jake Wright (Milford, Utah)
  9. Wesley Thorp (Throckmorton, Texas)
  10. R.C. Landingham (Hat Creek, California)
  11. Tim Bingham (Honeyville, Utah)
  12. Ty Breuer (Mandan, N.D.)
  13. Heith DeMoss (Heflin, La.)
  14. Dustin Bird (Cut Bank, Montana)
  15. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi (Victoria, Texas)
  16. Cole Melancon (Liberty, Texas)
  17. Taos Muncy (Corona, New Mexico)
  18. Randall Carlisle (Athens, Louisiana)
  19. J.C. Malone (Plain City, Utah)
  20. Mason Clements (Santaquin, Utah)
  21. Timber Moore (Aubrey, Texas)
  22. Cade Swor (Winnie, Texs)
  23. Cooper Martin (Alma, Kansas)
  24. Tillar Murray (Fort Worth, Texas)
  25. Cory Solomon (Prairie View, Texas)
  26. Clay Elliott (Nanton, Alberta)
  27. Tanner Milan (Cochrane, Alberta)
  28. Nellie Miller (Cottonwood, California)
  29. Joseph Harrison (Overbrook, Oklahoma)
  30. Clay Tryan (Billings, Montana)
  31. Jade Corkill (Fallon, Nevada)
  32. Nick Guy (Sparta, Wisconsin)
  33. Jordan Spears (Redding, California)
  34. Tom Richards (Humboldt, Arizona)
  35. Kathy Grimes (Medical Lake, Washington)
  36. Jr. Dees (Aurora, South Dakota)
  37. Sydni Blanchard (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  38. Kyle Irwin (Robertsdale, Alabama)
  39. Tyler McKnight (Wells, Texas)
  40. Dustin Bowen (Waller, Texas)
  41. Dustin Egusquiza (Mariana, Florida)
  42. Jake Minor (Ellensburg, Washington)
  43. Garrett Rogers (Baker City, Oregon)
  44. Charly Crawford (Prineville, Oregon)
  45. Audy Reed (Spearman, Texas)
  46. Jon Ragatz (Beetown, Wisconsin)
  47. Kellie Collier (Hereford, Texas)
  48. Jordan Hansen (Okotoks, Alberta)
  49. Jesse Wright (Milford, Utah)
  50. J.D. Struxness (Appleton, Minnesota)
  51. Lisa Lockhart (Oelrichs, S.D.)
  52. Roscoe Jarboe (New Plymouth, Idaho)
  53. Jeremy Buhler (Abbotsford, B.C.)
  54. Trevor Reiste (Linden, Iowa)
  55. Kory Koontz (Stephenville, Texas)
  56. Rowdy Parrott (Mamou, Louisiana)
  57. Chason Floyd (Buffalo, South Dakota)
  58. Guthrie Murray (Miami, Oklahoma)
  59. Ivy Conrado (Hudson, Colorado)
  60. Brennon Eldred (Sulpur, Okla)
  61. Boudreaux Campbell (Crockett, Texas)
  62. Kimmie Wall (Roosevelt, Utah)
  63. Kassie Mowry (Dublin, Texas)

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