PRCA announces Polaris Ranger Remuda award winners

The PRCA has officially and formally announce the 2020 Remuda Winners. The 2020 Polaris Ranger Remuda Award went to Summit Pro Rodeo, who won the stock contractor while Ute Stampede in Nephi, Utah, took the winning rodeo committee.

The stock contracting firm and rodeo committee awards go to entities that provide the best, most consistent pen of bucking horses and have, in extension, created the best opportunities that enable the contestants to be in their best form while participating in the competitions. J.D. Hamaker, the managing partner and controlling owner of Summit Pro Rodeo, received the award with a lot of pride while commenting on how shocking receiving the honor was to him and his whole team. While Summit Pro Rodeo has been in the business for quite a while and has previously received props from fans and other competitions, this is their first award by PRCA. Hamaker also promised to prepare the best set of horses for the Texas event, and though he says the award came quicker than he thought, he assured fans to brace themselves for quite the show come December.

Summit Pro Rodeo is based in Centennial, Wyoming, 25 miles west of Laramie and is run by Hamaker and his sons Ty, Blaze, and Colt.

Describing their journey to the top, J.D. said they straight up came from “the ground up,” and they started with high school rodeos, progressed to amateur rodeos and with the success and profits, bought out Hal Burns’ Pro Rodeo, which gave them a wider berth to expand from thereon. They bought out Burns in 2011, and this marked the birth of Summit.

Summit is a partnership that consists of the Juma family, led by Byron Juma (of Torrington, Wyoming), who bought the bull half of what Hamaker had left off the Burns business, and Daniel Beard – a minority partner at Summit – has a few horses and some bulls.

The Summit team welcomed the award and regarded it as a “pat in the back” and some recognition for what work they have been doing for a short while.

Summit primarily provides stock for rodeos in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, and Washington.

Ute Stampede are also first time recipients of the award and celebrated it alongside their 86th anniversary on July 16-18 in Nephi, which is about 80 miles south of Salt Lake City.

While talking about the award, Chris Memmott, the president and chairman of the Ute Stampede, praised the honor while highlighting how much of a tough year this has been with the COVID pandemic. However, they have assured fans that this is not to mean they will underrepresent the Wrangler NFR. If anything, they have brought in two extra contractors to improve their service delivery. To their credit, they have kept their heads above water despite the cancellation of a majority of their rodeo events this year. Chris Memmott also promised fans the event of their lifetime, especially since the PRCA has officially recognized them for their good work in the world of rodeo.

Rodder Rodeo is the stock contractor for Ute Stampede (2020 edition), while Bar T Rodeo, Diamond G Rodeo, and Flying U Rodeo are their sub-contractors. The Remuda winners will be honored at the PRCA Awards Banquet at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, the evening of DEC. 2nd at the Wrangler NFR opening night at Globe Life Field in Arlington and will start at 6 pm.

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