Saddle Bronc Rider Cort Scheer is back in competing

As many complain about the new norm following the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, which caused havoc in the world of professional sport, including the suspension of the PRCA competition. For some, like Cort Scheer, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it gave him time to recuperate.

After he got injured in his left knee while competing at the Powder River Rodeo and being diagnosed with a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The veteran opted to relax his knee while exercising a little after much consultations from his doctor, who saw no need for surgery.

He went ahead to wear a knee brace for the following three months, and in the fourth month he began therapy getting laid-off the brace before he knew it, he was riding again. Therapy and horse riding turned out to be very helpful for his body in his recovery.

Scheer was quick to remember the ordeal he went through that fateful day by saying, “The horse kind of reared around the post there and kind of rubbed me off on the post, and I tore my knee up a little bit, and that injury was just a fluke deal. That’s an awesome horse who has been to the NFR a bunch of times. I dang sure would be excited to draw her again,”.

But he was grateful to put all that behind him when he went to compete at the Woodward (Okla.) on June 10 coming from injury and gained a 77-point ride. You could tell of the joy written all over his face for being back doing what he loves the most and passionate about by looking at him.

Evidently, “I feel great,” Scheer said. “I have been running around and I have been chomping at the bit the last month wanting to roll. I was skeptical to see how I would do, but it took me longer to wipe the mold off my chaps than it did to feel good about riding broncs again, so I was happy.”

Last year, in the PRCA | RAM World Standings, Scheer stood at number 19 with $72813. But after having more time in his hands, it got him re-thinking and strategizing, and we can’t wait to see how this year ends for Scheer. After promising to give his best in the NFR.

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