Trevor Brazile Clinches 8th Career Steer Roping Gold Buckle

Truly, a living legend Trevor Brazile continues to portray undeniable professionalism every single time, he competes offering a thrilling feeling to his fans and spectators, and Saturday night was no different when in a spectacular fashion he became an 8th-time steeler roping world champion.  

The $7 million legendary cowboys clocked a 12.4 sec time in Round 10 as he needed to rope a steer and it was enough for him to clinch the world title, making it his 26th career gold buckle.

The 2020 Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping which was held at the Kansas Star Arena ended well for Brazile as he earned $69,072 enabling him to finish with $117,459 in the PRCA | RAM World Standings edging runner-up Scott Snedecor’s $110,779.

At the moment, Brazile steers roping gold buckle winnings tally at 8 titles from 2006-07, 2011, 2013-15, 2019 and now 2020. He is second on the all-time list behind ProRodeo Hall of Famer Guy Allen who has 18 steer roping gold buckles.

The Decatur, Texas, cowboy expressed gratitude for his winnings by thanking the Lord for the blessings. However, he stated that one must be willing to do the work in capitalizing on the opportunities offered to them or somebody else becomes the world champion.

The race for the title was slim for Brazile going into round 10 as he was sitting 2nd in the average, 1.2 sec behind Snedecor though Brazile lead in the world standings over him with $1965.

It seemed the title was heading towards Scott Snedecor, a 4-time world champion (2005,2008 and 2017-18). Still, after falling to register any time in the final round, Brazile chances widen up, and he utilizes it perfectly.

Steer Roper John Bland, a 5-time NFSR winner (2012, 2014-15, 2019-20) loaned Brazile his horse Salty, 19 and together they brought magic at the 2020 Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping at the Kansas Star Arena.

In the Round 10, Brazile recorded a 12.4 second time which enabled him to emerge victories ahead of Snedecor by gaining the average win as he was the only one to tie down 10.

Surely, 2020 has been tremendously hard for many Rodeos due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing many events to be canceled in response to mitigate the spread of the virus, which many people have succumbed to with the infections rate sky rocking.

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