PRCA Standings Shuffle: Carson Johnson jumps inside the Top 15

It’s been quite the year for Casper, Wyo., team roping heeler Carson Johnson.

Earlier this year he and his brother Kellan won a college national championship, now he’s on the verge of qualify for his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.
This past week (Aug.22-29) Johnson jumped three spots in the PRCA | RAM World Standings going from outside the Top 15 to 14th. He knows the real work starts now as he looks to make it to Las Vegas in December.
“It’s a huge honor to be inside that Top 15, but there’s still so much rodeo left to go in the season,” said Johnson, 20. “But I’m glad I’ve given myself at least the opportunity as I try to qualify for my first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.”
Carson’s big jump in the standings came thanks to splitting second place at the Kitsap Stampede in Bremerton, Wash., Aug. 27. The Johnson brothers put together a 4.4-second run and each earned $3,767.
“We drew a really good steer and my brother (Kellan) did a great job,” Johnson said. “I was able to get around him heeling and come tight fast. To win that kind of money this time of year is huge for us.”
Kellan is still just outside the Top 15, sitting 17th. Carson said it’s been a lifelong goal for he and Kellan to rope together on the sport’s biggest stage at the NFR, and they plan to do everything they can to qualify.
“Ever since we left the house the goal was for both of us to make the NFR and it’s also been a dream since we were little kids for us to make the Finals together,” Johnson said. “We’re going to finish out the season rodeoing as hard as we can and getting to as many as we can. Getting into that Tour Finale would be huge for us because of all the money that’s going to be paid out there, it can make or break you.”
Below are the other cowboys who moved within the Top 15 of the world standings.
14 Spots

  • Saddle bronc rider Wade Sundell jumped in the standings from 23rd to ninth.

Eight Spots

  • Saddle bronc rider K’s Thomson went from 19th to 11th.

Five Spots

  • Team roping header Rhen Richard moved up from 20th to 15th.

Four Spots

 Three Spots

  • Saddle bronc rider Ben Andersen moved in the standings from 13th to 10th.
  • Bull rider Trey Benton III jumped from 13th to 10th.
  • Team roping heeler Justin Davis went from 18th to 15th.
  • Bull rider Jordan Spears went up from 14th to 11th.
  • Steer wrestler Tyler Waguespack jumped up from ninth to sixth.

 Two Spots

  • Bull rider Dustin Boquet jumped from seventh to fifth.
  • Bareback rider Taylor Broussard moved from 16th to 14th.
  • Team roping heeler Cole Davison moved up from 15th to 13th.
  • Steer wrestler Ty Erickson moved up from 14th to 12th.
  • Steer roper Shay Good went up in the standings from 17th to 15th.
  • Saddle bronc rider Layton Green went up from 14th to 12th.
  • Team roping header Brenten Hall went from 12th to 10th.
  • Tie-down roper Kincade Henry moved up from 17th to 15th.
  • Steer wrestler Chance Howard went up from 13th to 11th.
  • Steer wrestler Will Lummus jumped in the standings from sixth to fourth.
  • Tie-down roper Shad Mayfield jumped in the standings from fourth to second.
  • Team roping header Clint Summers jumped from ninth to seventh.
  • Saddle bronc rider Zeke Thurston jumped up from seventh to fifth.
  • Tie-down roper Marty Yates went from 10th to eighth.

One Spot

  • Steer roper John Bland jumped in the standings from 13th to 12th.
  • Team roping header Luke Brown went from 13th to 12th.
  • Team roping heeler Jade Corkill went up in the standings from fifth to fourth.
  • Tie-down roper John Douch moved up in the standings from 14th to 13th.
  • Steer roper J. Tom Fisher went up from ninth to eighth.
  • Team roping heeler Travis Graves moved up in the standings from second to first.
  • Saddle bronc rider Dawson Hay jumped up from fifth to fourth.
  • Steer roper Chet Herren moved from 12th to 11th.
  • Bareback rider Orin Larsen went from 12th to 11th.
  • Team roping heeler Junior Nogueira jumped from third to second.
  • Bareback rider Cole Reiner made the move from ninth to eighth.
  • Bull rider Clayton Sellars went from fourth to third.
  • Tie-down roper Justin Smith jumped up from 15th to 14th.
  • Steer wrestler Dirk Tavenner jumped up from 11th to 10th.
  • Team roping heeler Trey Yates made the move from seventh to sixth.

 On the Bubble

  • Bull rider Roscoe Jarboe made the move from 17th to 16th and is $1,379 outside of the Top 15.
  • Steer roper Cody Lee went up in the standings from 20th to 16th and is $651 outside of the Top 15.

Source: ProRodeo

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